Hensley, Littleton, Thomas, and Willis Surnames (and Collis)

This is my first post via email. This should be an easier, and thus, more likely way to post to my blog.

Talked to my aunt a little yesterday about Jesse Collis. She remembers him living in a big house in Maryville, TN with his daughter Myra (my great-grandmother) and Aunt Elsie. I knew Aunt Elsie (Dillingham) when she lived in Etowah, TN when I was a kid. I knew she had retired from working as a telephone operator but I didn’t know she had lived in Maryville.

In my ancestry.com tree, I have Jesse’s wife as Mary Elizabeth Hensley but did not have her parents. While perusing Ancestry a few days ago, I saw Jesse and Elizabeth in the 1900 (I believe) census and noticed a lot of Hensley’s on the same page of the census. So yesterday, while looking a little deeper, I found several shared family trees with Mary listed in them with her parents John and Martha. John and Martha are two of the Hensley’s listed on the same 1900 census in Hemptown, Fannin, GA. So, based on the shared family trees on Ancestry, I expanded my family tree with a few names. Of course, you have to take these trees with a grain a salt and they will require some research to see if they make sense.

So, Mary Elizabeth Hensley (wife of Jesse Collis) had parents:

John Westley Hensley (1829 – 1910) & Martha Thomas (1833 – 1900)

John Westley Hensley parents were:

Berry Hensley (1783 – 1860) & Elizabeth Littleton (1786 – 1860)

Martha Thomas parents were:

William Hunsuker Thomas (1810- – 1906) & Nancy Collis Willis (1817-1904)

So, this adds surnames Littleton, Thomas, and Willis that I did not have before.

There are more ancestors for these parents listed in various public family trees on Ancestry, but they aren’t all in agreement. I’ll have to look at these a little harder before I add them. Interesting that Nancy’s middle name is listed as Collis. Makes we wonder if I’ll find an overlap in the Collis side of my family.


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